Austin Pickle Ranch | West 6th Beginners & Intermediate Pickleball Clinic (Hosted by Pickleball by Danimal)

Beginners & Intermediate Pickleball Clinic (Hosted by Pickleball by Danimal) 

Join me for the most fun and exciting pickleball clinics in Austin! Come learn new skills, and drills, meet pickleball friends, and join this great community. These are exclusive clinics you won’t want to miss! 

Who should join:

This clinic is intended for beginners to intermediate level (First time playing to a DUPR 3.5 rating). Limited to a max of 8 people per clinic so you get the most out of it.

What to expect:

In this clinic, we will learn & review pickleball fundamentals while working on proper paddle grip, footwork techniques, and basic strokes, such as the dink, volley, serve, forehand, backhand, third-shot drops, and third-shot drives. Don’t know what those mean? We have you covered and will have you learning them all by the end of the clinic! Know what they mean, but can’t seem to get them working right? We’ll fix that!

What to bring

Your paddle, water, good vibes, and a winning attitude. We will have balls and extra paddles if you need them. 

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