Austin Pickle Ranch | West 6th Intermediate & Advanced Pickleball Clinic (Hosted by Pickleball by Danimal)

Join the most fun and exciting pickleball clinics in Austin! Come learn new skills, and drills, meet pickleball friends, and join this great community! 

What to expect:

In this clinic, we will work on offensive strategy with our third-shot drops/drives, and learn a few sure-fire plays to help us win points more easily and effectively. We will work on dominating at the kitchen line learning how to best attack specific targets and countering our opponent's speed-ups. We will also work on transition zone strategies, Ernes/ATPs, defensive shifting, and learn a few great drills that you can use to practice on your own and get to that competitive next level! 

Who should join:

This clinic is intended for intermediate to advanced levels (DUPR ~3.5 rating or higher). Limited to a max of 8 people per clinic so you get the most out of it.

What to bring

Your paddle, water, good vibes, and a winning attitude. See you soon!

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